What We Do

Needham Extended Day Program (NEDP) provides before & after school enrichment, remote learning support every Wednesday and additional full day programming during vacations for Kindergarten through fifth grade Needham students.

  • Locations:
  • Hours of Operations
    • Before School: 7:15am to the start of school day
    • After School: From the end of the school day to 6:00pm
    • Full Days: 7:15am - 6:00pm * unless notified otherwise


To foster independence, NEDP has developed program content to allow children to choose from a wide variety of options. These options appeal to a diverse set of interests, needs, and learning styles. All NEDP sites offer similar program content to provide continuity, including:

  • Creation Stations: engaging age-appropriate projects led by qualified educators. Multiple stations are offered daily and children can spend a few minutes visiting or settle in for an afternoon of exploring.
  • Discovery Labs: long-term monthly projects that focus on STEAM-based learning and concepts. This model allows children to deepen their understanding of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math in a meaningful hands-on way.
  • Kids Care Club: opportunities for children to develop citizenship skills and make a difference in their community, creating an empowering, motivating, and educational experience.
  • Fit Kids: Wellness and physical education programming include active play in the gym where children are offered traditional games such as sports leagues, team-building games, and creative movement opportunities. Outdoor time in the form of playground, nature exploration, and walking club offer additional fitness opportunities.
  • Homework Club:meets the individual educational needs of each child takes place in quiet areas and remains open until children have met their daily homework goals. Homework Club educators are typically NPS faculty familiar with the curriculum and teaching methods of NPS. Educators communicate with parents/guardians and classroom teachers in an evolving dialogue to best support individual students. For instance, some elementary schools are moving away from homework. To accommodate this shift, we continue to provide a quiet space for kids to read even if they do not have traditional homework assignments to do.
  • NEDP Players: Our drama club provides an important theatrical component supporting growth in public speaking, self-confidence, and team-building skills.
  • Cozy corners at each site, allowing children a quiet place to relax. Libraries are stocked with a variety of books reflective of our diverse community and rotated so they can choose a good book or color and stretch out.

NEDP balances our structured format with a customized curriculum to ensure that all of our students are engaged and happy.

Schedule a Virtual Tour

Check us out! An administrator will schedule a virtual tour with you and your child to see the program in action together.

Who We Are

It is NEDP’s mission to be a supportive and empowering community built on respect, kindness, and compassion. We provide enriching educational opportunities through discovery, exploration, friendship, and play.

NEDP is comprised of site-specific staff, Site Coordinators that are overseen by our Executive Director and Assistant Directors. The entire program is overseen by the NEDP Board of Directors comprised of parents with children who are current NEDP students. Our Board includes up to two parents from each school. Each Board member serves on a volunteer basis and provide guidance in accordance with their professional expertise to help inform financial decisions, review policy, and further develop programming.

We have developed our structure and content mindfully, adapting our focus and curriculum to match the diverse and changing needs of our students and the direction of the Needham Public Schools.

What Families Say

"NEDP is the highlight of my child's school week. The staff helps the children to feel known and valued. They feel safe and cared for. The projects are innovative and creative, and the children are encouraged -- and succeed - at treating one another with care and respect. The staff who work with the kids are doing difficult work each day, and they do it with grace and a great sense of playfulness and ease. Keep up the excellent work - as parents we see your work and value it so much."

"The staff is lovely and has really helped my son transition to the school and program. I feel like the staff know my son’s personality and are able to work with him effectively. They also make me feel very welcome at drop-off and pick up:) I also appreciate that NEDP is open on half days, and school vacations – and offers interesting activities like field trips – makes it feel very special to the kids!"

"My kids love NEDP. The staff are really wonderful and genuinely seem to enjoy spending one-on-one time with my kids…my kids always tell me of something exciting that they did at NEDP. They enjoy playing with their friends and doing different types of crafts and cooking."

"The free play and sense of fun that has been fostered at the NEDP Broadmeadow site has been remarkable. I cannot say enough about the safe yet carefree atmosphere that has always come to define NEDP for our family. I feel confident that my child is always safe, cared for and yet at the end of a long and highly structured day, the NEDP staff and programming allows the kids to let loose, follow their imaginations and be playful. A++ for playfulness – keep it up!"

"Everyone had great things to say in our neighborhood about NEDP…It’s been a great experience and they help our family immensely."

"I love the variety of activities kids are given to choose from…really nice to blend physical activities and down time. I also adore the staff who have cared for and loved our son from day one. It did not take long for us (as Kindergarten parents) to feel totally at home and welcomed because of the NEDP group."